Startups needs angels

By Jacqueline Aubourg

An angel investor is a type of person who financially helps projects. We are people who appear when a business needs capital to grow. You must have your finances in order and have a financial “cushion” to be able to support projects and be patient to make a profit. If a person decides to use a part of his funds, maybe they sacrifice a weekend in a hotel or a trip, and with that money they help a business, they will see that in the long term it gives them an interesting return. This is how it starts and grows. There is no better reward than the satisfaction of helping and making others shine and grow your country.

Financial help from Institutions

To undertake there are many helps from financial entities, government institutions, among others; however, they do not have the flexibility or speed that an angel investor can provide. Sometimes, some banks take months to study a project or proposal, and they submerge entrepreneurs in red tape that can destroy this “time to market”. Sometimes ideas have to be done all at once. I’m sure it has happened to many people that they have an idea and months or years later they see that someone else had the same idea and did it. I don’t want that to happen to anyone.

The Project

From the point of view of the solution, to invest in a project, the first thing I think is that I have to be passionate about the idea, I have to fall in love with the idea. Second, I see the level of scalability of it, how it is projected, because I want it to have growth potential. I also like that it is innovative. Finally, that it has an attractive return on investment. On the other hand, the entrepreneur must reflect and project that passion, that enthusiasm for their project. That reflects security.

Elevator Pitch

In relation to the presentation of a proposal, I always tell the entrepreneurs to be authentic and express the reality of the project, it is irrelevant if it comes under the framework of a formal presentation, shorts, tennis or in a bikini, what really matters is the project. I have come across people in jackets and ties, with hour-long presentations and loaded slides, with terrible ideas.

There is only one chance for a good impression. The person must be sure, believe and defend the idea of ​​it, must think big. In addition to this, having a three-year cash flow, since it is generally what it takes to have a solid profit; have a defined business model, know your target market and finally have a communication and digital content strategy.

How to manage the risk?

In everything there is risk. The moment an angel investor says yes, the risk is assumed. But I always support myself with lawyers, so that everything is clear and safe.

It is very nice to undertake and one is excited. Many of my endeavors have been successful and others have not. But I have really learned from failures. That is why I recommend to each entrepreneur the following: always sign documents and have the support of good lawyers, all with contracts and guidelines, have a good accountant, do not handle anything from informality, everything in order; choose the team very well and that each person has experience in their area. Never forget that businesses are businesses, even if they are friends on the team, they must have meetings and make a minute of everything that happened in the meeting and send it to those interested, in this case to the angel investors.

What´s next?

Currently, I am very excited about a project that will soon be launched under the Jackie Au ™ brand, for which I have already completed the trademark process in the United States, Spain, Italy, France and Central America. With this project I want to collaborate with the economic reactivation, providing jobs Projects with potential.

I am passionate about technology-based startups, now everything is digital, and these solutions will continue to grow exponentially. I also love tourism, because it is important to activate this sector, I feel that traveling within or outside the country is culture and you learn from other realities. I love gastronomy, food is also culture and there is a lot of talent and ideas in this area. Finally, and very importantly, all the ventures that generate employment for women, men, older adults are on my radar.

I am currently supporting ventures; I have an interesting portfolio of projects that I support through my company AIBC. Within this, we have beauty salons, restaurants and even technology. I highlight the Dotscr platform, a digital platform that seeks to support entrepreneurs, another project is focused on improving health called BeWa-Foods, which will help improve the lives of people and also our country due to chains. This being a national product, I want to export it to the United States, to the Middle East where I travel a lot and to Italy, where I lived for 14 years, because I know there is a niche. Finally, I have been supporting Save the Children for over ten years.